July 28


5 Content Post Ideas For A Facebook Page-tips for you

Look at other pages to get ideas of what to post.  Find posts that get lots of comments and views and make your own version.  It is all out there.  Create fun, exciting and interesting posts.  Surprise your visitor.

Why do 10,000 people a day visit some Facebook pages?

There is something cool there.  The website and advertisements told them to go get it.  Do you have lots of links to your Facebook page on your website?  Do you tell them what is there to get?

All you have to do is give them a great reason to check out your Facebook page.  Tell them to send you a message on FB.  If once a month, you have a new giveaway on your page, it will help your business all month.  And you only had to work on it one time.  It doesn’t have to be discounted services, give them a great free report.  Solve a problem for them quickly in the free report.

5 content post ideas

5 Things you can post that people like

  1.  Tell them what is NEW.
  2.  Show them photos and videos of your business in action.
  3. Give them something special
  4. Teach them something helpful
  5. Tell them about an upcoming fun event in your area( doesn’t have to be your event).

You see how easy it is to come up with quick posts.  Ask questions in your posts to get engagement.

Now a FB page with posts like the ones above, is a great and useful page.  Sit down and plan a 30 day posting schedule.  Create the posts.  Start scheduling them to go out.  You only have to do this once a month if you want.

Often I just schedule 7 days of posts on a sunday afternoon.  Then it is done for a whole week.  You don’t even have to create all these posts yourself.  Many businesses exist that will do it for you.

Our social posting service will make sure you have great posts every day.  You don’t have to do a thing.  Check it out here.


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