July 3


Your Website Is Costing You Money in Missed Opportunities

Better website marketing in 2021.  You need to check this out and fix your website today. Your website is costing you $$ in missed opportunities. 

Website Tips

  Ask yourself these key questions.. Am I getting enough customers from my website? How many leads a month? How many new customers? Is it even working at all? Are you keeping an eye on these numbers? Are you asking customers where they found your phone number? 


 Most websites online today fail to do anything except look pretty. They are just billboards, you hope someone finds. 


 Just about anyone can build you a website that sits there hidden on the internet. That is rarely seen and just costs you money.

There is more to a successful website than what it looks like.

Successful websites get traffic by being at the top of Google. They get visitors to fill in an email address, complete a request form or even better set an appointment or BUY Now. 


If 50% of visitors call you immediately, you have a great website. Online you have seconds to get your visitor to take an action. Otherwise, they are clicking away to the next thing. At the top of your home page, you must have something they can do right now.


  Give them a reason to act now. What’s in it for them? OK, cool. But there are many other things you need to do to your successful website. And you aren’t going to get them if you only spend $500 on it. The more money you give your web designer, the more important things you can add to the site. 


 Don’t neglect your website and try to spend as little as possible. There are so many proven parts you can use to really see results. 


 Today, we have chatbots, live chat, video, audio, social media, lead collectors and popups that get people to act now. 


You will see many more leads and new customers if you use them. Keeping your home page clear and concise is vital. 


Don’t confuse a visitor. Simple, what’s in it for them and an easy choice is what you need.


 Decide what you want your website to do.


 Collect new email leads? Call now for _________? Free Consultation? Buy this special offer? Contact Information? Customer Support? Giveaway a Free Thing? Download this Free Gift? Driving Directions? Read about all 10 Products we offer? Who we are? Look at this. this. and this. don’t miss this? Less is more on your homepage! 


Look around and you will see most websites have all of these on one page. Arggh. Way too much information!


Much better to have 1 or 2 of these. Turn them into a lead by getting an email address. Get them to call now. Those two things are what you want first, right?? Hell yes. And people will do it if you tell them what’s in it for them.


  Without overwhelming them with choices. Look at the most popular websites around. 

 Google — clear choice of what to do 

Amazon — Most people buy these top products 

Online ads– Send you to a page with one thing to do


 Confusion kills action taking. Limits a websites ability to collect a new lead or sale.


 Take a good look at your website and ask people what they think of it.

 If you would like a little help, be sure to email me.



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Direct Your Visitors to a Clear Action at the Bottom of the Page