Facebook Page Tips-What to put on your Facebook page
The main reason why a Facebook page isn’t helping your business is the fact so many owners don’t post regularly.  It looks terrible when your last post was a year ago.  You look better when you posted today.  A lot better.  These Facebook page tips will help you a lot.   An abandoned Facebook page with no value is useless.  Start using your FB page by putting fun and interesting posts up all the time.  Pin a post at the top that is super useful to a visitor.  Share some great tips.  Share what’s happening in your industry and in your business.   Share your story - Why do you do what you do?  Share stories about your staff and customers.   Make it a customer service area.  Answer frequently asked questions in a post.  Interact and engage your page visitors.   But nobody goes to my Facebook page?   It’s because a dead page has no reason for anyone to visit.  Why would they?   Perhaps, if you had super interesting things on it?  Useful information, helpful advice and real news will make people glad they stopped by.   The busier your Facebook page gets,  the more people Facebook sends to it.  They want people to stay on Facebook for hours.   So be sure and build a great Facebook page that has some value to others.   You can have giveaways and new special offers.  Welcome kits for new customers.  Useful free downloads.  Give them a view into your business.  A window, you could say.   Videos of your staff in action.  A video of your story.  Do a weekly show (Facebook Live) and give people some great advice.   Have something on your page that is WORTH coming to get.  And new things all the time.  Use your imagination.  What would you go out of your way to get? Did you learn something with these facebook page tips?   Our social posting service will make sure you have great posts every day.  You don’t have to do a thing.  Check it out here.