About Us

About Us

We focus on growing your business with a proven customer follow up system.

Too many owners ignore the very best customers sitting on their list. It drives me crazy! You have your easiest ‘lay-down’ sales just sitting there getting colder every day.

After running my own businesses online and off over the last 23+ years as a serial entrepreneur and helping a lot of other owners with their marketing problems, I’ve sold all my other businesses as retirement looms.

And started Not Vanilla Media Capital, to help others by sharing the business and marketing secrets I’ve spent years learning through hard knocks.

The secrets to bigger sales, more profits and happier customers who keep coming back for more. How to earn the money you deserve with a thriving customer follow up system that’s super easy to set up and run in the background.

We do things different here. Number one: our main service is revenue-sharing based, we invest our own money and time into your first promotion. That’s right… no upfront fees. We do all the work, you only pay us if we get you extra sales.

I created this company to have fun and help owners like you, to have the profits from a growing business you deserve.

So you can enjoy more of life by spending less time at work, more time doing things you love or have always wanted to do. I love watching the smiles on faces and eyes lighting up when my promotions deliver found money right from your customer list.

Imagine waking up after a good nights sleep, knowing that 25 of your VIP customers are signed up to come in and buy today. Often, dropping $25k to $50k in your cash registers in only a few hours.

Even better, it took zero advertising dollars to get them to come back and buy again. No stressing about buying ads, no dealing with the latest online marketing fad, and no hiring another marketing agency.

We are looking for partners with established businesses who have email and mailing addresses of their past customers. If it looks promising, we invest our own money and time into your first promotion as a simple test.

Nothing complicated.

We keep it simple, just share a piece of the new revenue.

The question is if I make you a dollar in profit you otherwise would never see, would you be okay with giving me 20 cents out of it?


Now, I’m not saying I’m always successful – nobody can guarantee that – but what I can tell you is that my partners have never lost a single dime.

I know what you’re thinking – “This sounds too good to be true, Michael!” – but I assure you, it’s not.


I may be fully booked at the moment, but if you want to learn more about my strangely different strategies for getting sales like clockwork… then scroll down to your 2-minute Info Request.  And you can get on the calendar.

Spots are limited so I have to be pretty choosy. I just don’t have the time to help everyone.

Don’t waste another minute with those other guys who only care about taking your money.

… Partner up with me, Michael Johnson, and let’s make some serious dough together.

Most people raise their hand right away so they don’t miss out on this risk free proposal…

Fill out my online form.

Would it be worth discussing this?

Send an email with the subject ‘riskfree’ to michaeljohnsonrsvp@gmail.com