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If you would like to double your business profits in the next 11 months or less, then you need to read this. 

It's crazy out there... Everyone striving for more business.

You know full well there are 50,000 agencies and people who have their hands out to charge you money upfront and burn it up on expensive ads and services that promise you more business.

...but there's not even a guarantee you'll actually get more business from them.

Well, I think it's damn time to change that up. I get you more business, often 4 and 5 figures more business in one 30 day campaign, but only get paid after I bring in more sales, plus I fully fund 100% of the expenses out of my pocket.  Not Your Pocket.

Not every promotion is a success, but my partners never lose a dime.

That's why the first promotion is a simple test. Nothing complicated.

-Michael Johnson

Take a moment and browse the website to learn more about what we do here at Not Vanilla Media Capital. You'll see we do things differently here and can get you more sales risk free.

Give a Risk-Free Promo Engine a try, you'll be thrilled with the results and not risk a dime.

I'd love to help you make more money and profits sooner rather than later. Because my calendar is often full, the earlier you raise your hand, the sooner we can get your promo going.

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