How to Improve Your Cleaning Service Marketing
If you want 3 secrets for marketing your cleaning service website read on;  marketing online is very confusing, there are so many things you could do. 

What are some easy things you could add to your marketing?

 Here are 3 little secrets that can really make a difference..

 1.  Whatever you do, make sure you have a GMB -Google My Business listing.  When you search "cleaning service Seattle", you want to be on the top of the page.  Today Google shows GMB listings first.  It is free to get one.  All it takes is a gmail email address.  So go to google right away and search google my business. 

Sign up, fill out all the information and get verified.  They send you a postcard via mail.   Key: Use a real physical address not your UPS store mailbox. They are banned and Google knows all of them.   You have the option to hide your address later. So you can use your home address if you like.

2.  On your GMB make sure to add an appointment link.  You can just put a link to your website named appointments.  It's also possible to add a one click button for appointments through a google partner.  So they can make an appointment(consultation) right on Google instantly.  Google loves appointment buttons and it can push your listing to the top!

3.  It's 2021..people don't like to read a lot of content anymore.  Not like they used to anyway.  Because more people are surfing online with a phone now.  Many more than use desktops.  Like 75% more now!  Mobile is in, big time.  So you need something quick for people.

Nothing is faster or easier than video.  We have all grown up with TV and Video.  We love watching videos. So use video in your marketing.  Does your website have videos?  Do you have a Youtube channel? Do your Service pages have a quick sales video?

Adding a video can only help your sales.  They don't have to be elaborate or fancy.  A simple cell phone video of a tour of your office is great. A simple 3 tips video for your clients is great. A welcome to the business video is great. 

Keep them short 2-3 minutes. Introduce yourself and your staff and tell a little story of why you do what you do. Video really works today. 

So put a video on your home page, product pages and your GMB listing. Posting videos on your GMB and FB page can help you get more traffic. Video Keys:  Short. 

They don't have to be great. In fact posting funny flubs can help.  Just start making videos and post your good ones.  You will get better every time.


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