August 4


Blogging for your business..

Ideas for blogging for your business and why it helps your revenue. Posting just one blog post a week gives you 52 new pages a year on your website! 50 pages for the search engines to rank and send you free traffic. You will get visitors for search phrases you never even thought of. There are billions of searches daily and most are brand new ones.

So you already have a business website, why would you want to build a separate blog on another domain name?
Doubles your reach on the search engine. You could have 2 spots on the first page of search! It doesn’t take long.
But I don’t want to write blog posts… Not a problem. Your blog doesn’t need tons of content.

A Blog gives you somewhere to send people from social media or ads

Just a weekly post is enough. And you don’t even have to write all of them. Easily pay someone else to write entertaining and informative articles on your niche. Just help your potential customers out and solve some problems for them easily.
Add helpful tips and ideas that help your audience. All leading more eyeballs to your main business and you.

A blog makes you a real human being who just wants to help others. You share new ideas, solutions and services that you can provide today. Your current patients will also visit your blog and come back and buy more often. Because your blog is a regular reminder to a patient. It increases the chances of repeat business.

Blogs are Cheap and Easy

It isn’t expensive at all to build a new blog for your business. It is cheap. You just need a lite hosting account probably cost you less than $10 a month. Your blog isn’t going to be getting 10000 visitors a month so you don’t need to pay a lot. And if you suddenly start getting huge numbers of visitors it is no problem. All hosting companies make it easy for you to upgrade to a higher plan at anytime.

So I highly recommend you do some google searches on your competitors and look at what they are doing. What if you are the only “Dentist” who has an informative blog? That makes YOU stand out!

Get started this weekend and go to and buy your new blog domain name.
Go find an inexpensive web host. Godaddy,, bluehost or another one all work.
Order the smallest hosting package to get started.

They will send your details and how to connect your domain to get started. Follow the easy instructions and contact support if you get stuck. Or just Google your question and see what Youtube videos explain the whole thing.

Now you just log into your Cpanel on your hosting account.
And add a WordPress blog onto your domain. Most hosts have an easy one click install.


Your blog is now up and running. Search online for a great looking theme, many are free to use.

Get your blog looking good. Fill in your details. Add photos and information on your business and yourself.
What do you offer? What do you help with? Why you started? Problems you can solve?

Blogs are all about information. Sharing. Just keep it interesting and helpful. Not too salesy.

It will take you about a month to get your blog just the way you want. Take your time. You will spot mistakes all the time. Simply fix them right away or note them to fix soon.

You can easily change themes until you find one you think looks great.

Once that is done just start writing helpful posts, sharing great videos, share news and updates. Etc.

Do a blog post every week and you will have 52 posts in a year. Your visitors will grow every week.
Google loves blogs.

Pay someone else to write posts and content for you. And it takes care of itself on autopilot.

Let all your patients know about your blog and send people to specific posts when they ask you a question.
Show your blog address on your receipts and paperwork.

Add free Tip ebooks and reports to your blog so people have something cool to get there. People love helpful little guides. Your writer can whip out “5 tips for …” ebooks in no time.

Start planning a new blog. They help grow your business.

Blogging for your business is worthwhile

Need help getting your blog up and running? We can build it for you for a lot less than you think.

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