How To Get More 5 Star Reviews

If you want your business to succeed in today's market, more and better reviews than your competition is critical.

Having no reviews or only a few just doesn't cut it any more. People look for great reviews before they buy.

But the question is always - How the heck do I get more people to leave me a review? Without begging them.

I have an easy solution that once setup gets you constant reviews from your customers as they buy your products and services. A simple 4 step method that means more customers leave a review right away.

  1. Ask them for feedback
  2. Send them to a page that takes 2 minutes to fill out
  3. Offer them two choices - How'd We Do? Would you recommend us to a friend? Yes or No
  4. Yes button links to your Google review page so they can drop a quick feedback review
  5. No button leads to a questionaire form on your website - so they don't leave a bad review on google.

Now just follow up with anyone who chooses NO and see if you can turn them around and help them more.

This is more than a simple Get Reviews method, it's an improve your business with the customers help method.

Better reviews help you in several ways today...

...Better website rankings

...Better reputation

...Makes you look great and an obvious answer to the customers problem

This will take a few months to get rolling but once you get your system down, a steady stream of good reviews will roll in. Once setup, you just have to pass out a Feedback Postcard while you are with the customer and ask them to take two minutes to leave feedback and a quick review for you.

I don't have time or space to give you all the details in a blog post so contact me if you need more details or just want me to set it up for you. There is no better way to get more 5 star reviews for your business.

Go From Page 8 to Page 1 (with more 5 star reviews)

Poor Reviews Page 8 on Google

Better Reviews

More Reviews Page 1 on Google

I am happy to help, lets get started...

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