Easy Way to Take Care Of Social Media

Posting to your social media pages often is the key to looking great online as a business. It makes you look like you have things under control. You have everything handled.

When a prospective customer researches your business before coming in, they are looking to see Activity. Current activity. If your last post was a year ago, they wonder if you are even still in business.

They want to see new posts often. Daily is the very best.

Social posting is all about making your business look great. They more posts you make, the more chances someone will notice you. Encourage engagement on your social posts, get those likes and shares. It is the currency on social media.

Now don't worry if you don't have 1000's of likes, shares and follows.

facebook posting service example images

Just posting regularly makes you look better. Looking better than your competition is the goal when marketing.

Posting is not hard but it isn't easy. It takes a lot to come up with new ideas for posts. It takes a lot to make all the images you need.

Once you get your images and content ready, now you have to squeeze in a few minutes every day to post your daily post. This sounds easy but you know how crazy busy most days are in your business. Posting gets put off, forgotten and you miss a lot of daily posts you should be making.

Now there is a solution...

There are lots of companies offering Social Media Management but the prices are obscene. $3000/month $2000/month it gets crazy expensive.

Well I have a simple posting solution that costs just $99 a month for an interesting and great looking social media post every single day all done for you. That's less than $4 a day in cost. Your time is worth way more than that!

I gather content and have fantastic looking graphics done for your business. Watermarked with your logo.

Then I upload all those images into my software and connect to your Facebook page.

I turn it on and it posts every single day for you.

This is the easy way to take care of social media

Each month I make more graphics and add them into the software.

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Your Social Media pages look great every single day. Even when you are on vacation or on the weekend.

Social Media Posts done for you, Sound Good?

It's easy to sign up today and get your social media taken care of..

Simply contact me via email or phone and I can get you running on autopilot in a few days.