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Follow Up Profits

4x Your Business Profits in 12 Months or Less

The Follow Up Specialist
Michael Johnson

Are your follow up emails failing to pull in more business?

Are your followup emails not even being opened?

When’s the last time a customer clicked on a link in your email?

Don’t feel bad, it’s happening to everyone today.  Email results are dropping along with open rates.

Most of your emails never even reach the in-box of your customers.

Email is great it’s practically ‘FREE’ to do.  That’s the problem nowadays, everyone is emailing and people are buried in email.

What was once enjoyable to receive, is now another daily chore to go through.

Most people delete way more email than they read.

They get sick of it, there is no time to read all that incoming email.  Most already forgot how they got on your email list.

It has become impersonal and rude to send a lot of emails unless what is inside is so valuable and helpful they start watching and waiting for your next one.

Writing great content is hard work and takes a ton of time.  

There is another option.

One that is still working today even better than before.  It can double your revenue faster than anything else.

With everything going digital and online today, less and less snail mail is being delivered to homes.

It’s become rare to get much snail mail.

The time is right to send personalized direct mail directly to your prospect and customers.

And don’t worry it’s as easy as sending an email.

You can send an email and try to get noticed in the email in box.

Competing with 50 other emails a day or you can be the only letter they got today.

Why would you spend the money on a sales letter, printing and mailing costs to your best customers?

How about…

…getting 4 times the response vs. email?

…4 times the calls?

…4 times the shop visits?

…4 times the new repeat orders?

That is absolutely possible today with a little direct mail added into your marketing plan.

It is quick and easy and measurable.

All it takes is a little brain power to write a winning sales letter that pulls in results.

I can write that letter for you
with a proven and tested template.

I can find the hidden offers(from the products you already have) that will sell like hotcakes.

There is gold hidden in your customer list.  Your very best customers are in there.

Let’s pull them out and send them a VIP special deal.  An offer they can’t say no to.  You can get them back into the shop and buying again.

Did I tell you this is way less expensive than advertising for brand new customers?  Damn straight!

Why spend most of your time and money advertising for new leads?

When it’s so much cheaper to promote to your past and current customers list.

Front-end(new) customers are rarely profitable, right?  Because it costs so much to find and get them.

The most profitable thing you could possibly do is to market to your hidden gold (customer list).  

You’ve already done the hard part, got them to buy before.  They know, like and trust you already.

More follow ups with them, really is the easiest thing you can do.  Plus it is the most profitable way to grow your revenue and get some cash in your bank account.

The PROFITS are in BACK-END offers!

Get all the details here

Click the button below to apply and we can get this started for your business.

~Michael Johnson
Helping the local business double profits in 6 months or less.

ps. Since this requires my personal time, the number of businesses I can help is limited each month. So be sure to contact me sooner rather than later to get started.


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