March 10


A Marketing Journey

Let’s take a journey through marketing to find the best plan forward for you!

What is marketing?

Most average people have no clue…

It’s getting a customers…

Attention &

Interest …

And then…

Building on a desire they have &

Delivering what they Want on a silver platter!


Advertising is marketing…

It’s fuel for your business.

So don’t be scared, it’s just advertising and humans have been doing it for centuries.

It only gets confusing when you try to do it all at once.

Try to learn it all at once.

Your best results happen when you focus on one method at a time. You get good at it with actual experience.

It’s the doing that proves the method.

It’s the data you learn from testing it out yourself.

Even the very best copywriter doesn’t know if it’s going to work until we test it on the market.

Every promotion is an experiment.

Luckily we have years of past successful promotions to take from and build a new one.

So we can create something with the potential for success.

Let’s move on to the most effective marketing methods for your business…

5 super effective ways to get more customers quickly

  1. Email marketing to your current customers
  2. Video marketing & new sales copy
  3. Direct mail
  4. More great reviews
  5. Advertising & lead generation (social media is one way)

What? Why is advertising last?

New customers are expensive to get. It’s a harder sell much harder.

And advertising before you have the rest setup is not very effective.

Because the more happy customers you have the easier it is to get new customers. The more money you will have for advertising.

It’s so much cheaper to get happy customers to buy more and more often.

The first sale is the most expensive!

The big profits are in back-end sales! What they buy next is pure profits (no acquisition costs).

The profits are in the follow up.

And you aren’t doing enough of it!

Don’t sit back and hope they come back, make them some offers! More offers that help them even more.

You aren’t selling , you’re just giving them more value . Keep solving the next problem.

Turn them into a prospect again. What can you offer them now?

See marketing doesn’t have to be complicated, take care of those 5 things and you will be well on your way to a more successful business!


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