July 14


Jewelry Store Marketing Secret Strategy

The easy way to be 10 times more successful and create record sales numbers

Read on if you want to take your jewelry store to new levels and beat all the competition.

Stop… You’re doing it wrong… if you’re spending all your time and money on new customers and lead generation.

Sure you are successful but here’s how to be 10 times more successful and dominate your market.

Hi, Michael here, we have something important to talk about.

How to double your profits in any business.

It’s not new customers, it’s getting more from your customer list – more repeat sales which lead to a massive increase in profitability and referrals from happy customers.

Stuck in the comfort zone? Just coasting instead of growing?

Are you too busy working in your business to make any money? Every business needs one person who focuses on marketing. Most businesses have way more pie-cutters than pie-makers.

Let me ask you this…

If I could get 25 of your very best customers on your list, back in the store and get them to give you $20k or $30k in one day would that be something you’d like to discuss? What if I could repeat this on a regular basis?

Sound like a plan that could increase your revenue?

This is easy money that you’re missing out on every month. Money in your list you’re leaving on the table month after month. Money your customers are going to spend somewhere every single month. They have money and they will buy what they want to buy when they want to.

People like to buy the things they want.

Requires no advertising, no new customers just more follow up promotions.  All you have to do is tell them what you’ve got more often.

Ask yourself this question…

Would a person who loves great jewelry get angry or feel bad if you told them about new jewelry that is available? Don’t be afraid to sell more often. The people on your list are jewelry lovers.

Keep them posted on what’s hot today, what’s new, what’s trendy and in style. Give them the opportunity to get it first or at special prices just for them.

Offer to save them one if they call or email you in the next 6 days.

This is how you make your customers feel special and prove you care about them.

My job is to make you more money!

I only make money when you make more money.

This is just about the easiest way to make more money. It’s simple marketing that gets practically instant results. You’re just giving them more of what they love and hitting them at home where they have time to read your sales message uninterrupted.

Getting their attention and telling them what you got just for them.

It’s totally repeatable every month.

This can add $250,000 per year to your revenue easily. While creating more happy customers and turning them into loyal fans.

Compare this simple marketing system to lead generation…

Setting up a new customer lead gen plan isn’t a 5 minute job, you’re talking about 500 hours of hard work to come up with the new idea, new lead magnet, where to advertise, how to advertise, what your going to say, all the webpages, uploading your giveaway or coupon, getting organized and figuring out what your plan will be. 500 hours!

Now do you see why so many people ask me to do a risk free promo engine for their business? I save them 500 hours and make them more money without any hard work.

It’s why I stay so busy.

So I’m inviting you to take me up on this risk free offer and at least raise your hand if youre interested. Because I’m not going to chase you down the street, these letters are sent out only when I have space available on my calendar so you might not get another one.

Raise your hand today and we can discuss it further. No obligation.

The calendar gets filled pretty quickly so I may not call you on the phone. This letter is your chance to get the risk free promo engine for your business.

Who else is offering you risk free promotions for your business with zero upfront fees?

I do the work and take the risk.

Let’s try one test and run it one time.

It might not work but if it does you’ll be the one with the $25k in extra revenue.

Why do I do things this way?

I’m so sure it’ll work for most businesses I work with that I’m willing to take the risk off your shoulders.  You don’t know me and you have doubts so how could I make you pay me first?

This is completely win-win for both of us.

We don’t need it to work every time just one winning promotion can make us both plenty of money.

The risk free promo engine is something that you can bolt onto your business.  It’ll run right alongside your current marketing. We just add it into the mix.

Keep your agency, keep doing what you’re already doing in place.  This is just another source of revenue for you.

I don’t have to be your agency or marketing consultant to run the risk free promo engine.

Seriously, I don’t want to be your marketing agency. Perfectly happy just running the promo engine for you in the background.

It’s a unique marketing system that very few know how to do and run today.  The quick and easy results are going to shock you. You’ll probably want to drop all your expensive advertising when you see the kind of money this brings in practically on autopilot.

You can print money on demand if you have the right customer list.

Now you see why I can afford to take the risk for you and set up the first campaign for you with no upfront fee.  Once you see the results I’m pretty certain you’re going to want to continue in the future running even more promotions.

There’s nothing else like it that puts money in your pocket so easily. While creating more happy customers and increasing your revenue like crazy.

I’ve never figured out why so many businesses are so stuck on expensive lead generation when all the profits you could ever need are just sitting there in your customer list already.

Let’s spend 50% of our time on new customers (expensive) and 50% of our time on back end marketing to the list (profitable).

Isn’t it time to start mining the gold in your customer database today?

Get a Risk Free Promo Engine Here


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