3 Ways To Make More Sales and Profits

Invisible Marketing Secrets --

3 Ways To Make More Sales and Profits With Your Customer List

By Michael Johnson
Copyright 2022 All rights reserved

In this special report, you’ll discover how to use Invisible Marketing to drastically improve your
sales numbers and profits in your business. This works for any business.

What is Invisible Marketing?

There are two kinds of marketing out there. The visible marketing everyone and his brother is
running nonstop. This is front-end. It’s getting new leads and new customers into your world.
It’s easy to see, you’ll be able to watch it. Most businesses only do front-end lead generation
advertising and marketing. They spend all their time and money on new leads.

This is a big problem because it’s expensive to advertise. Every new lead has to be bought
and paid for before they spend even $1 with you. Even worse, it’s rarely profitable after you pay
for the ads. New leads are the most expensive customers you can get.

You need to do a little bit of lead generation but please don’t spend all your time and money
on it. There’s a better way to market that is immensely more profitable and can move your
business way up the success ladder.

Invisible marketing is the stuff you can’t easily see but once you do see it, you’ll never want
to do anything else. Nothing is more profitable for your business!

Every month, there is money and profits available to you, but most people don’t even see it.
I’m talking about your customer database. The customers you already have on your list are the
real asset in your business.

These people are proven buyers who like you already. All it takes is a little communication
and you’ll be amazed at how many of them want to buy more from you. They just need a reason
to come back. A reminder…

Most businesses simply ignore them. They don’t send them anything at all. No offers, no
thank-you’s, nothing. Big mistake because the customers you already have can make you rich.
Your customers are proven buyers of your type of product. They are going to spend money
every month. If you don’t remind them of what you have, they’ll spend that disposable income
on something else. People love to buy stuff, it’s always a dopamine hit. They love buying the
things they want.

How much money are we talking about?
Well let’s look at an example:
Most people spend $250 per month on extras (things they don’t need but WANT) every month.
And that’s pretty conservative.
If you have 1000 on your customer list. That means every single month they will spend
$250,000 somewhere.
So don’t think they don’t have any money. They have money and buy things.
Every month, they spend that, and it totals -GET THIS - $3,000,000 per year!

And that’s only 1000 people and only the money they usually spend every year on extras.

This is why they call the U.S. economy a consumer spending market. We are talking about huge
amounts of money moving around the country every month. Just multiply that $3 mill across
200 million adults in the U.S. We are talking trillions in spending.

If you never send your list any offers, you leave that money on the table every month. You miss
out on it forever. Because at the end of the month, that money is spent somewhere else.
You may as well just burn all those $100 bills in a fire pit. It’s gone for good.

It’s painful to think about how much of that money you missed out on over the last 10 years. I
know in my business; I’ve left over $250,000 on the table in the past. Simply by neglecting my
own customers.

Once I learned my lesson and started using Invisible marketing, my sales, and profits increased
5X. With no advertising expenses at all.

This really is like found money.
Now that you see the power of invisible marketing let’s go over some ways to use it to
generate sales and more profits for your business…

3 Ways to Use Invisible Marketing and Grow Your Business

First, you need to look at your own customer database or list. Now you just can’t send
everyone on the list a promotion and succeed right off the bat. If you haven’t been
communicating with your people, you need to begin with small tests first. You don’t want to
send a message to everyone untested. Let’s find something that works first and then send more.
We want to start small and then roll it out.

To do this, we sort your list by 3 factors.

  1. Recency – who are the most recent buyers
  2. Multi-buyers – who has bought from you more than once
  3. Big Ticket – who has bought your highest price items
    This will give you a list of your very best customers and the highly likely to buy again. These
    customers are your gravy-train. The easy wins. Casinos call them “whales” because they can
    seriously improve all your sales and profit metrics.

Number 1:

So put together your own whale list and save that list of names in a special folder. They can
make you richer than you can ever imagine.What we are going to do is plan a special deal just for them. I suggest you find your best-selling product and offering them a special premier customer price.

Don’t be afraid to make a super deal for them. These customers are on your list, so you have zero advertising expenses. You’ll make profit each time they buy from you. And we plan on selling them multiple times a year.

Getting the Lifetime Customer Value (LCV) up is the point. Turning a $100 customer into a
$1,000+ one.

Here’s a good way to run your promotion. A simple letter sent in the mail to 100 of your best
customers. This is better than email. Email is harder and harder to get peoples attention with
today. You can be one email buried in the in box or one letter in their hand while they sit on the
couch. I’ll take the attention you receive with a simple printed letter in their hand thanking them
for being customers. And rewarding them with a special deal just for them.

Number 2
Let’s move on to the second way to make a ton of money with Invisible Marketing.
One of the best things about selling this way is what you are doing is completely invisible to
your competitors. They have no idea how you are doing so well. Marketing in the postal mail is
off the radar. Nobody can copy you. You stand out by doing something different.

It doesn’t come off as salesy. Or pushy. Just a simple thank you and special exclusive offer.
I bet your thinking, this is going to be expensive or hard to do…

Today, sending direct mail is as easy as sending an email to a mailing house with 2 files. Your
list and your letter. They print and mail it for you.

Compared to expensive FB ads, it’s very affordable.

Besides, it’s so profitable you’ll easily be able to afford the mailing expenses. We aren’t starting
out with 1,000’s of letters. Just 25-100 of your very best customers.
You don’t need super sales copy to do this. A simple thank you note and invite them to take you
up on this exclusive offer just for them.

How much money could a promo make for you?
Well, if 25 of your best customers, came in and bought a $1500 bracelet that would be $37,000
in sales on one day! Imagine if you had a new offer every month?
Don’t you think it’s worth spending $300 on printing and postage to make $37,000?
It all adds up super-fast.

This is like revenue on demand. It’s proactive marketing versus hope marketing.

So simple to do but nobody is doing this on a regular basis. Its money left on the table every

Okay, we are cooking with fire now…

Number 3
Let’s look at the 3rd way to make more profits with Invisible Marketing…
Repeatedly sending promotions to your best customers without annoying them. You don’t want
to constantly be sending out sales offers to your best customers, so we need a way to stay top of
mind and remind them without being a pushy salesman.

The very best way to do this is with a simple newsletter mailed just like your promotions via the
post office. Now instead of being salesy all the time and practically begging them to buy, you’ll
share news, industry happenings and fun ideas with them every month.

A simple newsletter can just be 2 pages long. You don’t need something extravagant or fancy.
If you can write an email, you can write a 2–4-page newsletter about jewelry. Share your tips,
talk about what is going on at your store, introduce yourself and your staff, help them choose
jewelry, tell them what’s going on in the land of jewelry, what’s hot, what’s in style, where
fashion is going and talk about what’s coming soon.

At the end, invite them to take you up on a special offer for subscribers only…

Nothing too salesy just an invitation that they might like to get. Have limited quantity and a
deadline to buy.

Don’t worry about formatting, a simple letter is fine.
Send the newsletter every month to your best customers and watch the sales come in. This is a
great way to remind them of your store and what you have to offer.

Plus, it’s added value that costs them nothing. It’s a reward for being a good customer.
Let’s wrap this up, I know you don’t want to read a huge report.

So, we covered what Invisible Marketing is and why you want to use it to grow your business.

3 Ways to Make More Sales And Profits With Your Customer List

1- Build your own list of ‘Whales’

2- Send a ‘real’ letter to your best customers with a thank you and an exclusive offer

3- Write and print and mail a ‘real’ newsletter to your best customers every month
Just those three things can generate sales and profits that will amaze you and your competitors.
Please give it a try and spend more time and effort on your back-end marketing because that is
where the REAL profits are.

Spend 25% of your time on lead generation and 75% of your time re-selling your customers you
already have. It’s worth the effort.

I’ve given you a lot to think about…
If you’d like some help getting this going, I’ll be happy to help you.

With a done-for-you risk-free promo engine, give me 21 days and I’ll give you a cash infusion to your business, just pay me a small piece of the action afterwards.