July 13


Getting More Sales Secret Tip

If You’re Like Every Business Out There You Need More Sales, right?

I mean the dream of every owner is sales growing every month without hard work.  It’s what everyone in business wants to see with their own eyes.  Obvious growth.

Nothing makes you angrier and completely stressed out like, looking at your numbers not moving at all or worse, going down, down, and even further down.  You start having to think about all the problems low sales bring with them, budgets, payroll, expenses, and overhead.  How are you going to cover them if sales keep dropping this way?

You’re doing all the right things marketing wise, but sales numbers are stuck or heading south.  You invest in advertising; your website is great, and your sales team is good but the results you want, and need are nowhere to be seen. It’s an awful feeling that fills you with dread and makes you worried and stressed out all the time.

You’re doing all the right things marketing wise, but sales numbers are stuck or heading south.  You invest in advertising; your website is great, and your sales team is good but the results you want, and need are nowhere to be seen. It’s an awful feeling that fills you with dread and makes you worried and stressed out all the time.

How in the world are you supposed to compete and get your share of the jewelry sales out there?

You’ve tried throwing money at marketing agencies, increasing your advertising, and even setting up an online store but all it’s done, is made you wonder where are all the buyers?

What do you do when all the standard marketing strategies fail to deliver results?

I mean you started this business for a reason, right?

Not to have to spend your days stressed out, looking for a way out, working way too much, wondering how you’ll ever be able to sell the business and retire, getting angry and taking that anger, stress and worry home with you every night.

You can’t even relax and enjoy time with the family, right?  There is no time at all for enjoying your favorite hobbies or taking as many vacations as you’d like.

In a moment, I’ll share some good news but first let me introduce myself.

First, I get it and I’ve felt all those painful symptoms many times over the last 22 years while running my own businesses online and offline.  Seen a hundred sales drops and had to fire all my employees before.  Was close to bankruptcy 2 times.

My name is Michael Johnson and I’ve started several online and offline businesses over the last 22 years. Taught myself all the techy stuff to build great websites in a variety of markets. It takes way more than a great website to succeed today.  This ride through life has been something.

There were many ups and downs. Many failed marketing strategies that never panned out and just wasted my time and money. I wondered myself “What is the answer to consistently getting more sales?”.

Probably like you, I tried to do it all myself for years. Tried hiring “experts” and “consultants” with no better luck.

Somehow my entrepreneurial passion kept me going. Kept me trying new things until I finally found an answer that works.  It doubled sales nearly every time I did it.  Talk about amazing, I’d never seen anything so powerful.

You can repeat it over and over and get more sales anytime you want them.  I discovered this super strategy when I reached out to someone who WAS making millions of dollars. It started as a simple question and led me to making the best decision in my life. I paid this guy $12,500 to teach me his methods and strategies to sell more of anything.

For 6 months, he showed me exactly how he did it.  Mind blowing experience and I only wish I had found him way sooner; it would have made my life a whole heck of a lot easier and more profitable years earlier.

What’s the secret that turned around my businesses?

It’s a contrarian way of marketing that reaches the prospect where they are most comfortable. Delivers a special experience that they’ve never had before.  I guess I’d call it “feel good” marketing.

I’m willing to bet you already have what you need to start using this in your business. To get more sales when you need them without expensive advertising. Even without a constant stream of new customers.

OK, this is getting long winded so let’s cut to the chase and see how this can help you get a lot more sales in your business. You don’t need to know my whole life story, right?

What’s this all about?

After 22+ years selling products and services online, I’ll be honest I was ready to get off the marketing train.  I’m 59 years old now and the clock is ticking.

3 years ago, I started a marketing agency and began sharing all the tactics and strategies I’ve learned over the years with other business owners.  Things I had been helping people with for years just as a sideline to my main business. Because they were constantly asking me for help.

I wish I could give you a one- or two-word description of what I do but there isn’t one.  I’m not really a consultant or typical marketing agency selling services. What I do is so different that there isn’t a good way to describe it. And hardly anyone else is doing this.

I guess you’d say I’m an investor. But I don’t want a piece of your company. If a company is a good fit, I’ll add a new marketing piece to your existing marketing. Because most businesses just don’t have the time to run more than 3 marketing strategies. Let me do all the work and add another one to the mix. No work for you and no upfront costs.

What I’d like to do is fully fund, manage, execute a back-end marketing promotion to get your customers to buy more of your products. The real profits are in the back-end not the first-time customer purchases. I get you another slice of the pie from something you’re not even using. This isn’t anything risky just a one-time test promotion. A “first date” to see if it works for your business.

I run my back-end agency on a revenue sharing basis instead of charging retainers or long-term contracts.  You only pay me a small percentage of the revenue I bring you.

Give me 21 days and I’ll get you a cash infusion of new sales from your underutilized asset (customer database). Just write me a check after you have the revenue in your pocket.

The risk is all on me.  I’m investing in your business and getting you more sales and profits for a simple share of the revenue we bring in.  You don’t have to do any of the hard work, just take care of the customers.

Does this work for every business every time?

No, it depends on your customer list. Do they like you? Do they have money to spend?

But when it does work, it’s like a magic potion for bringing in a ton of new sales for you and me both.

That’s why there is no retainer or long-term agreement, this is a test promotion to your list. On my dime.

There are a few requirements but…

The only thing you must have for a test promotion fully funded by me is a customer database (mailing addresses and email addresses) with at least 400 customers.

I can’t do this for everyone so not every business will be a fit.

Would it be worth discussing this?

Email me here with the subject line “risk free” — michaeljohnsonrsvp@gmail.com

It’s a special email I set up to have easy discussions about this opportunity. I mean nobody has time for phone calls today, right?  I know I don’t.  Let’s talk about it first over email to see if it’s a fit for us both.


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