June 27


Follow-Up Marketing Secrets

Today cash flow is critical to staying in business and you’ve GOT to be using back end sales and follow up marketing to get as much cash as you can.

The economy is in quite the downward spiral and things are rough for many people. Most are barely above broke because of the checkbook killer “Inflation”. The vast majority has seen disposable income go right in the gas tank just to drive to work.

Everyone knows they should be doing more follow up marketing but you know what happens?

They get busy and forget all about it. Always too focused on getting new customers. Lead generation becomes job #1. That’s the most expensive marketing you can do. New customers are expensive and not very profitable.

Especially long term, all new customers cost you money to get. If you think about it they rarely by high ticket products either. The biggest problem is most never come back again.

So make sure you’re collecting their contact information every time. Every time. Every time.

Because that customer list is “Solid Gold” it’s the very best list you could ever market to.

Once you’ve got that list start mining it for profits with back-end sales and offers.

This follow up marketing can bring huge amounts of sales and profits because you’re turning a $100 customer into a $1000 customer!

Here’s a great way to do follow up marketing


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