May 20


Are you Coasting in the Fourth Quarter?

Coasting can KILL you… Just getting by while figuring you’re going to win.

You know what happens more often than not, the competition comes out of nowhere and beats your pants off.

That is why even when things are looking good, coaches spend the whole half-time, re-energizing the team to do even better. Warning them the game isn’t over, there’s plenty of time for the other team to come back and beat you at the last minute. Stay focused and keep working hard, keep improving so you’ll be ready for them.

You have to play at 100% the whole damn game. Never think you can get away with coasting to the finish line. It can bite you very quickly in life, business, and sports. Never forget all the huge companies who fell apart and were destroyed because they thought all was great and that coasting was enough.

Remember Blockbuster Video, Sears, Kmart, Montgomery Wards, Myspace, AT&T, NCR, and Kodak?

I’m going to take a hammer and chisel to your business to see what’s really inside.

Do you ever wonder how your strongest competitor is doing it so well? Often, it’s simply a fully formed follow-up system that leads the first time customer to discover more of your other products. Offering them more to buy not just one time but over and over again. It’s why a monthly newsletter works so well to increase how often your customers return.

Just getting in front of your best customers regularly can dramatically increase the lifetime customer value. Which means more profitable sales that keep on coming.

Your customers buy products all the time, so you can always turn them back into a new lead. Simply offering new choices, reminders and new solutions to them.

Many times a jewelry purchase isn’t necessarily for the buyer. It’s a gift for someone else. So your jewelry is a solution to a problem they have “What to buy for __________?”

Make it easy for them to choose a great gift. Anniversaries, Birthdays, Holidays, Making-up gifts, and surprise gifts are needed all year long. Promote great gift ideas.

Jewelry is emotional. Jewelry is a feel-good product. The buyer feels good when buying it and when delivering it. The person getting the gift feels good getting a beautiful gift that makes them look and feel great. Vanity is the main benefit plus a sense of status, confidence and being valuable.

Jewelry is a great business because you feel great making others feel great. If you need any help setting up a follow-up marketing system, I’d be happy to help. Don’t miss the Zero Upfront fee promotion we offer —> Learn More


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