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Craigslist Seattle – Does it Work For Your Business?

Craigslist Seattle is one of the most popular websites today. Hundreds of thousands of visitors go there every day searching for something to buy. You know what Craigslist is?

All buyers! All those thousands of people are looking to buy something. What do all businesses want? Buyers! You need to be advertising on Craigslist in Seattle. People in Seattle love using Craigslist.

Now you have to remember Craigslist traffic is looking for the best deal out there. So first off, start offering free or low cost products and services. Make a ridiculous offer to get them in the door or to contact you.

Start out by researching what is already being advertised. Over and over again. If a business is advertising every single week, it works. I know Roofing companies who don’t even have a website and they get all the business they need from a weekly Craigslist ad. I know Tree service companies who get all their business from a weekly ad on Craigslist. It friggin works !

Choose Your Category

Choose your category wisely and you will have to test to find a great one to use. Start posting an ad a week.

Even the small biz category can work. Put your ridiculous offer right in the Ad Title. So they want to click your ad. If they don’t understand it, they will pass it right by.

Go look at Craigslist in Seattle and start looking at the Services page and find your category that fits your business. There is almost always a way to fit your business in a category if you change the angle of your product or solution.

See if you can spot what someone searching that category wants to find. Where would you look to solve a problem?

Here are some important Craigslist ad keys to remember:

Very important Craigslist Ad Keys

Most Important:

Do not repeat the same ad twice. Change some words, change the images, change it up. They will not put up the same exact ad multiple times. I mean if you have an ad up and post another copy of it, only one is going to show up on the website. So create a new version of your ad.

You can delete your old ad and run a new one.

You can run 3 ads at one time if they are different wording. Don’t try to run the exact same ad at one time.

Make your ad title stand out a little but don’t go extreme with all caps or funky characters. You will see a lot of people go too far and are obnoxious.

Do you want to be the obnoxious business?

So see what others are offering and make a better offer.
Find your category.
Write a handful of ads until you make a good one.
Post that ad on Craigslist Seattle.
It is easy and doesn’t cost much at all.

What to put on your ad?

Make an image on with your phone number on it.
Create an image with your web domain on it.
Make an image of your product or service.
Get a good image of You(the face of the company).

List bullet points of why they need this and what it will do for them.
Make your offer in 1 or 2 paragraphs.
Tell them how to get it.

Make it seem urgent to act now.
Make it easy to get. Email you or visit your website at

Things Have Changed

Now things have changed over the years, you used to be able to put html and links in your ad. No more. You have to just write your domain name link in text. So people have to copy and paste that into a browser to get your goods. So you have to make it worth their while.

A lot more people will go to your website before they will email a random email online. So make sure to put it on the ad.

You add your photos after you write your ad on Craigslist. They host them for you. It was so much better in the early days when you could put an image up on free image hosting websites and then link with html to your ad. It was great, you could see how many times someone saw your ad. Now you can’t see that data, you can only go by phone calls and website traffic from your ad.

So get some ads up on the website. The traffic is already there. Make some offers and see what comes of it. If you test one ad at a time then you will see the traffic from on your website stats. It isn’t perfect tracking but it works well enough.

To get a better idea if your ads are working, ask your new customers where they found you! Important to know.

Advertising is always faster than waiting for your content to rank online, so don’t be afraid of testing ads.

Link your social media by sharing it on your ad when you write it. Make sure they could copy and paste it or it is easy to remember. Being active on social media is a form of proof for your business. Also if possible share a couple of your best reviews in your ad.

If you need any advertising help, contact us anytime.


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