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How to Use Facebook to Market Your Business

Tips for how to use Facebook to market your business better…

What are some of the proven ways to use Facebook to market your business without spending money on ads? Let’s go through some good ones.

So with Facebook, they are constantly changing the website. Do you know why? It keeps people guessing, so they don’t get bored. Changes force people to interact more and when they interact they stay on Facebook longer. They want people to stay and look at more ads. So they constantly adapt and try new ways to keep eyeballs on Facebook.

You have to remember they have all the data. They know us better than we know ourselves. Over billions of visitors, they see patterns and know what you will look at. They can even predict if someone looks at this, they will probably do this next. It’s pretty incredible the power they have.

So anyway even though it is a pain. You need to be on Facebook, it is where the people are today. Even though, they limit your organic(free) reach, you will still get some traffic. People expect a real business to have a Facebook page. It gives them peace of mind, that other people know and use your business. They know they can find you somewhere besides your website or chasing down one of your trucks! It is more proof that hiring you is a good idea.

Make sure you have a nice looking Facebook page. A cool cover photo that shows what you do and that you are professional. On the cover photo, you should put your phone number and even your address. A photo of your crew at work at a home is powerful.

Fill out all the business information that you have a spot to add it. Be detailed and answer potential customers questions on your Facebook page. Hours of business, customer support contact info, your philosophy, why you do what you do and share helpful advice. Add a message us button.

When doing a Facebook page, go and look at competitors pages for ideas. Put more on your page. Add the appointment calendar feature. Give away a free 10 page report on getting a better _. Tips to avoid getting ripped off. etc.

Most business owners don’t think Facebook pages work but look at their pages. They have nothing there that is entertaining or helpful. It’s a dead page with no recent posts. The whole page is about the business. People don’t care about that. They care about themselves. You have to give them some help and offer a little value.

All it takes is sharing helpful You-tube videos. Useful articles with advice. Giving them a tour of your business. Let them look through the window and see what you do exactly. If someone comes to your page, they want value. For it to be worth coming to again. What could you put on your page that would make someone say “cool” or “awesome” or “I didn’t know that”.

You don’t have to spend hours on Facebook to do this. On Sunday night, I write out 5 short posts and find 5 free images to use as posts for the week. Tips and an image that fits is all you need. There are websites that have literally 1,000’s of social post ideas you can adapt. You can even go to Quotes websites and grab a bunch of success quotes and post them.

So I get those posts together and then I schedule them to post once a day Monday through Friday automatically. I just do that once a week. You can schedule your posts on Facebook easily.

Facebook Page Marketing

That’s all Facebook pages need to be effective. Some interesting content posts, your business information, and some nice looking cover photos. Make sure to ask your customers to go to your page and leave a review. Reviews matter online. You can also link to your reviews on your website and Google Maps listing. You can also make review posts on your page. Screenshot some of your reviews and post them.

Other good post ideas are photos of your business working on the job. Photos of your employees. Photos of your trucks and your office. This is all to make you a real business who other people already hire. Social proof which is what social media is. People are nosy, they want to know more about you and your company.

Facebook will show your posts to more people as time goes on if you actively post new content. They want to show it to people so they see more Facebook ads.

If you have something helpful on your page, they will read it and spend more time on your page. They may even like or share it. This gets noticed by Facebook and rewarded.

Now a couple of points to remember:

  1. They want people to stay on Facebook. So limit your outgoing links. Don’t post them in the post. Let your post get up there on the page and then put your link in the first comment.
  2. To get more interaction, have a giveaway on your page. What could you give away to people? Kind of a loss leader or special deal just for Facebook visitors. 10% off, 2 For 1 deal, $25 gift card, Free Report or Guide, Free Quote, Enter to win a FREE I-pad, it can be anything that might appeal to most prospective customers.

Important: Make it time sensitive This deal ends in 7 days or Sept. 1st.. Limited to the first 5 people who contact you. A giveaway works better if there is a reason why. Summer special, Fall special, Birthday special, Holiday special, Back to School special, 5 year anniversary special, etc.

So start posting regularly on Facebook, it costs you hardly anything and can only help your business and your online reputation.

If you need a little help with social media, we can help post for you. Our social posting software posts every single day on autopilot for a lot less than you think.

Facebook Page Marketing Video

12 tips for Optimizing FB Business Page

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