VIP Black Card Program

Vip Black Card Program

Why The Secret To 15-20 New Clients Every Month Is Not Advertising… It’s Getting Your Current/Past Clients To Recommend You…When They Are Out And About!

Discover how to Create a “VIP Black Card Program” to Generate 15-20 New Clients a Month for your Law Practice.

Every time family or friends bring up needing a lawyer, your VIP gets the chance to be the hero and tell them about YOU!

-GET more clients by tapping into reciprocity and human nature…one after another…ethically causes more potential clients to sign up to your VIP Black Card Program…growing your VIPs virally…giving you a reason to call them immediately!

-CRANK OUT dozens of new consultations and clients, all with a simple black card program…without begging for referrals or spending a fortune on advertising!

-IMPROVE your practice with more repeat clients, loyal clients who stick with you for years and happily recommend your services…if you can hand out sign up cards you can start growing your law practice!

Grab our free guide that explains
how you can set up your own

Here’s the one thing you have to do right now to claim your FREE how-to guide here, shoot an email to

with the subject ‘Attorney VIP How To Guide’ and we will send you the 10 page PDF download link within 24 hours (usually less)

(Note: This How To guide is too valuable to give away for free so only the first 7 attorneys will get a FREE copy

Need more clients? People are changing and it’s time for us to adapt and to evolve.

I say it’s time for us to get clients to grow our law practice for us.

There is an easy way to make that happen without even asking them for referrals. A system that gives us… MORE clients and more cases.

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