Boost Sales, Slash Advertising Costs: The VIP Follow Up Marketing Plan

The Secret Weapon is VIP Follow Up Marketing

Face Facts

A Fantastic Website Still Just Sits There In A Sea of 1 Billion other

Websites Floating Through The Internet Clouds.

It requires constant marketing to get traffic and visitors. To even spend 7 seconds on your website in the hopes you grab attention and they will poke around a bit. A few might buy now, the rest dip out and you lose them. That sucks!  

Constant marketing for the rest of your life... That sounds expensive and like a whole lotta work, right?  

It's like trying to dig a 4 foot trench to replace your homes water line in the mud. Dirt just keeps falling in over and over. It never ends.  

If you don't want to spend the rest of your life marketing your business then I might have the best solution you've ever seen.  

There is a way to have your customers grow your business for you on autopilot. You'll get so busy, you're never forced to do any marketing at all.

What's it take?

A customer VIP experience that blows their minds with excellent over the top special treatment. If you do that, people will talk about you (most people know 600 people), keep coming back to buy and love shopping at your business. It's a rarely used tactic called "VIP Customer Follow Up Marketing".

Here's the thing.

The people with money (affluent) can't find good customer service anymore. And they are pissed they can't get treated right. Look around, true customer service has disappeared off the planet.  

You go in a store to spend your hard-earned money and the employees act annoyed with YOU. They won't get off their cell phones to help or answer questions. Heck, they barely acknowledge you these days, right?  

If you have a customer list of buyers, you my friend have a huge advantage.  

You have the power to go direct. Direct to that customer and give them exceptional service. No advertising for people who don't know who you are.  

Take that list. Choose any kind of exclusive VIP offer. Write a $2 letter. And mail that to your best customers.  

Start small. 100 letters. 50 letters. 25 letters. Whatever gets you moving forward.  

What's that gonna cost you? I don't know, maybe $300.  

$300 bucks to have a direct conversation with your best customers sounds like a worthwhile investment. But people don't do it. And that's makes me sad.  

Because what if I told you, those simple letters can get 25 of your very best customers back in the store to buy. Not to lookee.  

They come in to get the VIP offer of the month. Often dropping $25k to $50k in one day straight into your cash register.  

Look at the math with customer follow up marketing:

Cost $300 New found revenue: $5k to $50k is likely, not hoped for.  

These people are your best buyers. Your VIPs who deserve extra special attention.  

Will everyone buy your offer? Absolutely not, most will be busy and forget all about it. But they will remember one thing, you sent them an exclusive VIP offer and they MISSED IT!  

I guarantee if you keep sending offers regularly, the buyers will take you up on your invitation at some point.  

Compare spending $300 on letters and postage with a typical paid ad... What's ads cost nowadays? $500, %1,500, $5k?  

A well-planned VIP customer follow up marketing system that goes out regularly beats buying expensive ads by a mile.  

All of the biggest companies in the world use follow up marketing to customers. All of them!  Amazon, Apple, Nike, Disney even Google.  

We haven't even talked about the profits you make on repeat sales to buyers. The profit is much, much higher because you had zero advertising costs to reach buyers. You already have the list of proven buyers. You don't waste a ton of money trying to find new prospects or advertising to the entire city.  

You can do this. It will work for just about any business out there.

Avoid the learning curve and let us plan and run your first promotion as a test. No upfront fees. If we are a fit, and we think it has a good shot to make a difference for you. We invest and pay the expenses on this test.  

If it delivers new revenue, just share a piece of the action with us.  

Should it fail. No problem, we took the risk, you owe us nothing and we'll part as friends.  

There is no better way I've found to increase sales and profits for a business. Expect to increase your revenue by 50% in no time.  

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