Risk Free Promo Engine

What is a Risk Free Promo Engine?

Let me run you through the process here at Not Vanilla Media:


There are 3 ways to grow your business.

  1. Get more new customers
  2. Get your current customers to buy again
  3. Get your current customers to buy higher priced items

That’s it.  The three choices for more sales revenue and cash flow.

The most expensive and least profitable method above is focusing all your time and money on getting new customers!

Amazingly, nearly every business out there does exactly that.  

It’s expensive, aggravating, confusing and a whole lot of work.  Ads stop working, marketing agencies fail to get you results, it takes a ton of time to plan new marketing ideas and there is tons of competition.

But it’s what everyone else is doing, right?

In fact, most never make new offers to their current and past customers who are just sitting there on the list of buyers you already have.  They just wait and hope someone comes back.

Every month, you don’t remind your customers who you are and what you offer, it’s like burning $100 bills.  They are going to spend that money somewhere else.

Your customer database is a real gold mine.  It’s like Found Money!


I get it, coming up with new promotion ideas isn’t easy.  It takes thought and creativity to create monthly promotions that are going to get your customers to buy again and again. Without annoying them.

But if you don’t do it, you are leaving 50% of your profits on the table every month. 

Simply doubling the LCV (lifetime customer value) will increase your sales and profits without advertising expense. 

We’ve got a simple system to get your customers buying more and more often.

I guess you could call it a customer reactivation campaign.

Taking your under-used asset (customer database) and turning it into cash sales in the cash register.

  1. We segment your list and find your very best customers. The PWMs (people with money).
  2. Create a new promotion for the month.  Finding a product to offer a special deal for VIP customers only with a real deadline.
  3. Prepare a sales letter and email to make the offer
  4. Mail out that sales letter via the post office to your very best customers
  5. Send an email telling people to be on the lookout for something special in the mail
  6. This gets the customer curious and they’ll definitely read the letter
  7. You will get people taking you up on this special offer

What This Means To Your Business

More sales and happy customers every month.  Instead of feeling like a pitch-fest, the customer feels appreciated and special receiving these VIP offers.

You’re thanking them and rewarding them at the same time.

Worried about giving deals?

You decide what to offer and the price. You’re in control. Don’t be afraid people will wait for the next deal instead of coming in the store and paying full price. If you don’t remind them to come in, most won’t.

Remember, there was no advertising expense. The sales will be profitable and the happier customers will be referring you to new people for free.

The whole point is to keep reminding them, you exist.  People are busy today and overwhelmed with choices and decisions.

There is nothing stopping you from including news and advice in your letter so it’s easy to make the special VIP offer and talk about other products in the store they need to come and see.

They might not be interested in this month’s promo but as you continue month after month, the sales will come in.

After a few months, you’ll be able to sit down at the table with a legal pad and plan a promotion.  You’ll know how many sales you’ll get from the promotion.  It’s practically like an ATM machine.

Turn it on when you feel like running another promotion to get another burst of sales.

These promotions can quickly bring in 5 or 6 figure bursts of sales!  Because they go out to your very best customers only.

Is it worth spending $500 on printing and postage to bring in an extra 5 or 6 figures this month?  I think so 🙂

Does It Always Work?

There’s no guarantee.  It’ll depend on who is on your list and how popular your products are. Some lists work great while others don’t.

So instead of charging you up-front fees, we like to propose a test promotion to your under-utilized customer database. A simple test to see if it’ll work for your business.

Zero risk for you.

If your business is a good fit and looks like it could be a great opportunity for us both to partner together on this, we will fully fund the promotion including printing, postage and copy writing.  

With a simple revenue-sharing agreement, you only pay us afterwards a small percentage of the revenue brought in.

Who This Is For

Businesses who have a good sized customer list with mailing addresses and email addresses.  If you don’t have customer mailing addresses, this won’t work.

Businesses who need an increase in sales revenue and profits.

Businesses who struggle with coming up with new promotion ideas.

Businesses who are not following up enough with their customers.

Businesses who want to grow the company.

Businesses who need more cash flow.

If you’ve been stuck on the Lead Generation or Get New Customers marketing methods too long and are ready to start collecting the hidden profits in your customer list.

If you want to stop leaving all that money on the table every month.

How To Get Started

It’s easy to get your Risk Free Promo Engine rolling…

Simply fill out a quick little application here

We will email you within 2 days, answer any questions and get you started.

Typically, after email discussions we’ll schedule a quick 30 minute call to learn about your business, marketing and products.

Then, we take a couple days to put a promotion together for you.

We’ll have another 30 minute phone call going over the promo idea with you.  

As soon as we both agree this is a go, your test promotion will be put in motion.

No complicated contracts, just a simple revenue sharing agreement. 

All done for you. Fully funded by us and we await the results.

This is just a test to see if your list converts well.

We can’t do this for everyone and the calendar fills up quickly so if you’re even a little bit interested, please fill out the application now.

Simply fill out a quick little application here