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How To Get Customer Contact Information Easier

As a jewelry store owner or manager, you know how important it is to gather customer contact information.

Having a database of customer emails and phone numbers allows you to stay in touch with customers and keep them informed about new products, sales, and promotions.

But how do you convince customers to leave their information with you?

Here are a few ideas:

Offer a discount: One of the most effective ways to encourage customers to leave their contact information is to offer them a discount on their purchase. For example, you could offer 10% off their purchase if they provide their email address or phone number. This not only incentivizes customers to leave their information, but it also encourages them to make a purchase.

Sign up for a loyalty program: Another way to encourage customers to leave their information is to offer a loyalty program. By signing up for the program, customers can earn points or rewards for their purchases. This not only encourages them to make repeat purchases, but it also provides an incentive for them to leave their contact information.

Enter a contest: People love contests and giveaways, and offering a prize for leaving contact information is a great way to get customers to participate. For example, you could have customers enter a drawing for a free piece of jewelry by providing their email address or phone number.

Offer exclusive content: Finally, you could offer customers exclusive content in exchange for their contact information. This could be in the form of a newsletter, blog, or social media updates that provide valuable information about your products and services.

It’s crucial to gather customer information to run future follow up campaigns to your very best buyers.

But many people are hesitant and won’t stop for a moment to hand it over. It feels obtrusive unless you have a common sense reason why. A monthly contest with a giveaway makes it easy for them to enter their contact info painlessly.

One thing that I’ve found work great to keep customers coming back is Thank You notes sent in the mail. That customer cost you a lot of money to find and get in the store the first time. Don’t let that go to waste and forget them.

If you’ll spend $2 on a card, it can result in thousands of dollars worth of future business from repeat sales. Nobody does this anymore and it’s a shame. I mean think about what that would mean to you when you shop at a new place.

Please don’t get cheap now, make them feel special and appreciated. This is how you create fans who love shopping with you.

In summary, getting customers to leave their contact information can be a challenge, but it’s essential for building a strong customer database.

By offering discounts, loyalty programs, contests, and exclusive content, you can incentivize customers to provide their information and stay in touch with your store.

Remember, it’s important to make the process easy and straightforward, so customers feel comfortable leaving their information with you.

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