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Sell More Products with Explainer Videos

Let’s face it, people in this day and age are not the readers they used to be.

Everyone is busy and super distracted online, so the odds of them reading a long page of text is not good. Only the super serious will take the time to read all the information on your website.

There is already too much for them to read online. So don’t expect to get super results if you are trying to sell with just text anymore.

They want fast and easy solutions so video is where it’s at now. People love a short video that gives them the story in a couple minutes. We’ve all grown up on television and movies, so a quick fun video gets attention quickly.

I mean if you had a choice of reading a big long sales letter on a webpage or clicking a button to watch a video, which is easier?

People are generally not big readers.

So a great way to get more sales on any webpage is to quickly share what you have and what it will do for them. In a quick explainer video, you simply tell them what it is, who it’s for and what it does for them.

Solve a problem.

Now you have a problem too. How to get fantastic videos made for you without spending a fortune in the process.

Making your own explainer video is not easy. It takes design skills, selling skills and a lot of time to create a great video that works. They aren’t cheap.

You will get much better results from the video if you hire a pro.

Who does this day and night.

Now you have another problem, finding good video creators is time consuming. You’ll probably need to hire a few in order to find the best quality.

Let me solve both problems for you.

I’ve tested and vetted a few video creators who did fantastic work for me. In fact I hired them myself.

If you need a quality explainer video for your business, I’ll take care of the whole thing for you.

Script writing, Story Board, Graphics design, and the video creation.

Plus 1 free revision is included in the discounted price. 

How much do explainer videos cost?

We also created an explainer video price distribution chart and calculated that more than half of the explainer video companies

we spoke to charge between $2,501-$10,000 for a video.”  reported by Hubspot

Take a look at the prices of other video creators and you’ll see this offer is a steal of a deal.

If you’re interested in getting an affordable pro-quality explainer video for $750, click the button below…