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End cash flow worries, sleep like a baby at night and have the money to take as many vacations every year as you'd like!

What I'm going to share with you will boost your place in the industry and make you look like a genius in the next 30 days!

It's Time to Grab The Jumper Cables Out Of The Trunk...

      Connect red to red and black to black... Give it a minute to heat up... and fire up the other ENGINE... No matter how your sales are right now...

      That engine will fire right up and start roaring to life when you jump start it with the right set of cables.  Use a NEW engine to scale your sales and get over the hump every business faces!

      In just a couple minutes, I'm going to show you how to reduce your workload. And get my team to sell your products for you.  Completely No Risk... Best Part: ZERO out of your pocket! 


No Upfront Fees

     Hi, my name is Michael. If you’ve found this website, you are likely looking for ways to grow your business. I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life running a number of kitchen table businesses.

     Since most of them were on a shoestring budget, I had to be creative with marketing and find the most effective ways to market them. I discovered a simple 3 step system that proved super effective for my businesses.

The Done-For-You Plan

     My big goal for the next ten years is to help 1000 business owners double, triple even QUADRUPLE Sales & Profits in 11 Months or less.

     Helping them transform their profitability with LESS paid ads and MORE customer follow up. As soon as you see it in action, you'll be kicking yourself for not adding it sooner. This works fantastic for jewelry stores!

          Today, I spend most of my day helping other owners get great results with the secrets I learned the hard way. Secrets that work quicker, easier, and affordably. I’d love to help you out.

          If you’re interested, I’d be happy to let you in on some insider info that’ll work so well, you’ll enjoy going to work every day again. It works fast (21 – 30 days) and doesn’t take a lot of your precious time and energy.

         Every month we help up to 5 businesses with our unique contrarian follow up system that can boost revenue 20%-50% in 30 days, with no work or risk on your part...

     You should very likely start to see results in 14-21 days.

     What we’ve put together is an easy risk-free way you can try out my system with zero upfront fees. 

     Sounds crazy? That’s what my accountant said too.

     But it’s fair and it works. Virtually every time, when I partner with the right business and they have a good list and good reputation, this system delivers increased revenue and bigger profits. Leaving plenty for both of us to make money on the deal.

       It’s the only reason we invest in your business first and pay the expenses on your first ‘test’ promotion. Because there is a big potential upside and minimal downside.

     That’s right, we do the work and fund the promotion for you in return for a portion of the new revenue we bring in.

      Think of it like having a “no equity investor”, I don’t want a piece of your business, just the chance to partner with you on this first ‘test’.  

The 3-Step Fast System

      This System when combined with what you have; generates big boosts in sales in less than one month for just about any business!

         Should the promotion fail to deliver new revenue, you’ll never pay me a dime. I agree to take the risk on this first test. We’ll part as friends.

         If it works as well as we expect, you’ll be thrilled with the new revenue and likely want to run another promotion very soon and we’d be happy to run it for you in that case.

         That is why we can take the risk and invest in the test. 

Let's get you extra sales & profits,

~Michael Johnson

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P.S.  Here's something amazing about customer follow up... Did you know there are jewelers who never open the showroom doors and make a great living with nothing, but VIP customers follow up?  It’s true… there are jewelers who only market to their VIPs.

In fact, I know of a guy who visits VIP customers in their homes and sells direct sitting on the couch. He’s become their Personal Jeweler! It’s all about relationships today.

If this sounds Awesome...  No need to decide yet, let’s discuss it.

What's The Next Step?

     Here’s the one thing you have to do right now to claim your risk-free promotion, simply click the link below and fill out a short Priority Info Request form with your details.

Note: Since this takes my time and money investment, not everyone will qualify. I’ll only invest if I believe your business has a great opportunity to take advantage of this follow-up system. And there is a definite limit to how many promotions we can possibly run each month. The calendar is often full.

Click the button below to open a new window with a form for you to enter your contact info.

Fill Out The Priority Info Request
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       As soon as I see your info come in... I’ll take a look at your business and reach out to you.

      We can answer any questions before we get the ball rolling on boatloads of sales and more vacations!

      Opportunities like this don’t come around often so don’t miss it. Get your own ‘no equity investor’ and a partner not another expense.


About Us

I'm a 'No Equity' Investor, Author and Customer Follow Up Specialist... We formed Not Vanilla Media Capital to help business owners... consistently grow sales revenue with systems that get customers to buy over and over. 

PLUS dramatically increasing your business profits without spending a fortune on paid ads and online marketing.

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Special VIP Invitation

While spots are available...

If we are a fit, we will invest in your business and even fund the expenses to get you a big boost of extra sales. Get a true partner (👉👉"No-Equity-Investor" 👈👈) instead of hiring another consultant/agency.

Don't miss out on this opportunity while it's still available.  

Fill Out The Priority Info Request

If you aren't ready to start today, I urge you to read more about better follow up here. Because sales go up and down, in 6 months you just might be in serious need of a DFY risk-free promotion.


Are you a successful SAAS, Online course Owner or Ecomm Store with buyers lists?

Increase your revenue with additional income streams...

"We are Deal Finders!"

Let's get your message, mission or philosophy out to new audiences...

We find Sponsorships, Partners, Audiences and Licensing Deals For You... Leading to New Paychecks Instead of Expenses!

Imagine the benefits of partnering with other Creators & Influencers... helping your people even more by providing other things they need without having to create everything yourself. Collaborating is the easy way to scale.

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