Get Clients Online Action Plan

Is it time to go ALL-IN on growing your business?

Learn how to build organic traffic and revenue faster than you can even imagine.

Let’s brainstorm new ideas to improve your lead numbers and organic traffic so you see results in the next 2 to 4 months.
I’ll give you practical solutions.

What to expect?

1. Take a deep look into your situation now to see what’s working and not working today.

2.  Decide on what’s possible for you in the next 6-12 months.

3.  Uncover what is the main thing holding you back.

4.  Put together a simple plan that will get results.

5.  If it feels like a good fit, I’ll tell you how I plan to grow your business.  Not a fit, you still keep the plan.

Looking forward to working with you;

Michael Johnson

How it works:

Simply book your appointment in the calendar below,

We will email you confirmation and arrange the phone call session.

We will call you at the time of appointment to begin.


It will be a 30 minute session over phone.  I will ask you questions and listen to your answers.

Be at your computer so we can look at your website, FB page and Google.   We see what your competitors are doing

and come up with ways to do better.  You’ll be able to ask questions and give your opinions.


We will build you a marketing plan going forward to get you where you want to go.

It will be a stress-free session and you will learn a lot.  If you want a little help, we’d be glad to do the work for you.


Yes Michael…


  • I see the value in learning more about marketing from a marketing professional…
  • A “Get Clients Online Action Plan” is DEFINITELY what I need…
  • I’m ready to get more customers from online marketing…
  • Please: Help me scale my business to CONSISTENT revenue every month…
  • So I can have complete FREEDOM and CONTROL plus PREDICTABILITY…
  • I’m ready to reach the next level…
  • I know you’ve helped others and I know you’ll help me too…
  • I’m serious and I’m worth investing 1 hour of your time into me…


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