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Michael Johnson here,

I'm a 'no-equity' investor, author and customer follow up specialist... We formed Not Vanilla Media to help business owners...

...consistently grow sales revenue with systems that get customers to buy over and over.

PLUS dramatically increasing your profits without spending a fortune on paid ads and online marketing. We invest our time and money in our clients.

Sharing the secrets I've learned over the last 30 years as a serial entrepreneur.

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As one of the only revenue-sharing based marketing partners in America, we help you sell more products with Done-For-You services... and simple products and tools.

To help you create more happy, loyal, lifetime customers and generate your own profits on demand!

What are TODAY'S most effective marketing methods

we can help you with?

  • Back End Sales With a Unique Customer Follow Up System
  • Using a simple VIP Black Card to keep clients coming back
  • Digital Review NFC Cards to increase how many reviews you have
  • Website Rehabs to increase conversions and make sales today
  • Local Business Email Newsletters DFY - to remind past customers to call again, works like crazy!
  • The 2 Page Social Media Funnel for more new customers- Click here to take the masterclass today

I'm Mike Johnson, thanks for stopping by!

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Reach out today for more information and see how you can increase your sales.
It's as simple as emailing me or picking up the phone. Send an email to or call (206)486-6267 [leave a message 24/7]

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