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Increasing your sales and profits without more work!

"Discover the ultimate solution for boosting profits and increasing sales without any upfront fees"

Increase Your Jewelry Store Revenue With Customer Follow-Up Marketing And Stop Spending Tons of Painful Ad Dollars

We help customer-focused jewelry stores grow their back-end sales with follow-up marketing. Best Part: No upfront fee!

Increasing your sales 30% or more with the customers you already have.

Quite often doubling your sales and profits in less than 11 months!

We build your personalized follow-up strategy so you don't have to do it alone.

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With a simple first campaign, you get to prove it works... before you spend a dime.

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Medical Pro's:

Discover how to create more sales on demand and

stop waiting for customers to return!

Front-end sales from new customers are great... but they are expensive to get which means low profits... unless they buy again and again (back-end sales) you just don't make enough profit with new customers.  All the real profits come from back-end sales from returning customers!

You have to face it... you never can guarantee that customers are going to come back and buy again (yet).

But what if it could be guaranteed?

We get it.

It's hard to grow a business. Really hard.

Even if you already have tons of customers.

You still worry about never seeing them again.

This worry is stressing you out, maybe even giving you grey hair.

But every month you hear about a new marketing method like SEO, video, social media, SMS or email marketing tactics.

So now you need to send email newsletters 4 times a month.

Adding another thing you need to get done, just pulls you in a thousand different directions.

In order to send emails weekly, You need software, emails written, lists put together, a new offer every week, somebody to set up the software, somebody needs to schedule the emails, testing, tracking & monitoring.

It's a lotta work and expenses. A hundred here, 2 hundred here and to get someone else to set it all up, might cost $5k plus the labor costs every month.

Then you heard about SMS marketing... let's try that out.

Don't want to be embarrassed so better learn email writing too.

Yeah, that's the thing that'll finally work!

That's the ticket to get more customers back in the store!

Oh, but what's this new thing Joe was talking about at dinner. Maybe that's the winning way...

*It starts to Blow Your Mind* Too many options!

After, talking to entrepreneurs over the years, Most business owners are lost in a sea of shiny objects.

Trying to find one thing that makes a difference.

All more expensive than you planned on. Never panning out and just adding to your already busy workday.

They think they can and will just do everything! Often alone, without real training.

Sending email newsletters to everyone on the list. Even the ones who never open any.

Black Friday texts. Holiday texts. Facebook ads going out to the entire country.

They try to do everything only to end up doing a tiny bit of everything and not getting results. Spread too thin. Nibbling at new marketing methods.

Just thinking about all the things they have to do is making their hair fall out.

They find themselves in a freezing cold place.

Shivering and in the dark.

If you're reading this, you most likely have reached a certain level in business.

The struggle is to increase the number of returning customers.

That is where the real big-profits lie.

You put a lot of hard work and effort into it daily.

You hustle.

You work til exhausted.

What you want is more customers to return and buy something.

More sales.

More profits.

More time.

A great day would be one that let's you do what you are best at.

No wearing multiple hats.

Not having to stress about ad costs that just keep skyrocketing.

Without needing to master how to run email marketing, text marketing and customer loyalty programs.

And definitely not spending thousands of dollars and 2 years setting everything up. Still hoping it might work this time.

You have your own goals and if you'd like help reaching them, we have great news for you...

We have a solution.

Before you know it, you will be saying, "That's more profit than we ever saw before! All from customers returning!"

Finally, you'll see predictable revenue increases with higher profits every month. With more and more sales from returning customers. All while doing less work so you have more free time to focus on what you love doing.

The stress will be drastically reduced.

You'll be happier when you see the bank statement every month as it keeps growing instead of sinking. Your family and friends will notice. Your team will notice.

Your town will notice your business.

The first easy step is simply clicking the Big Green Button below.

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Case Studies

“TRIPLED Our Sales In 12 Months!”

“We only had time to implement two of the unique programs to boost sales and profits. Even with the limited time we had to invest, within the past 12 months we’re just a tad shy of TRIPLING our sales.”


Mike Ledeboer


“An Additional $49,367.83 In Only 7 Days!”

“Using a small customer list that had not been contacted for almost 24 months, within only seven days an additional $49,367.83 . This was completely “found money” that had been neglected for years.”

Chris Ashenden

Athletic Greens

We Build Your Follow-Up Marketing:
What Does This Mean?

We have one focus. It is that simple.

We help Jewelry Stores among others unlock hidden profit centers through better follow-up marketing and back-end sales.

We get more of the customers you already have to return for a second, third even fourth helping. Recurring revenue and back end sales. Increasing how much you earn from current and past customers sitting in your database.

So that you can spend your time on what you're good at: running the company and finding new opportunities.

If you wanted to hire a great marketer to create and build out your follow-up marketing system, they would most likely add automation, email campaigns and SMS (text) marketing systems.

That's an expensive proposal that costs you a fortune, maybe 6 months to a year of your time to setup, tested and getting you results. Unless you get really lucky, the first person you hire will be using trial and error because it's always an experiment on your dime.

That is all unnecessary.

We'll build yours in 1 month and you'll have found money hitting your cash register the first month.

The best part: We don't charge you upfront for this first 'test' promotion. You're not the one taking the risk.

"Finally! Marketing Promotions I Can Try For FREE and Get More SALES Before Paying A Dime. Genius!"

If you are a good fit, we fund the first promo on our dollar.

You heard that right!

Only revenue-sharing on this first 'test' promotion to your list.

We think it stinks for agencies to charge you big dollars upfront to try out their work.

So we turn that on its head, and take the risk for you.


The unique system we've developed is nearly always successful, so our share is virtually guaranteed. No need to force you to pay-to-play.

If it doesn't work for your customer list, that's okay, it's a test. You never lose a dime.

We'll know in just 1 month.

Without all the popular (overdone) super expensive marketing methods that are all the rage but hardly ever get the client results in a timely manner. Without expensive advertising, the SEO nightmare or creating a bunch of painful to make videos.

A simple process:

1. Segment your list to find the very best customers
2. Create a super simple premier customer program
3. Send a no-brainer irresistible offer to your very best customers

Simple but requires finesse and practice to accomplish successfully.

This system will create happier customers, more repeat business and can be repeated regularly.

You can't buy this kind of marketing anywhere else, we invented a simple process that works.

A process that guarantees you more sales without more work or it's free.  A process that you get to try for free and only pay if we can deliver new revenue into your cash registers.

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The choice is yours.

If you're ready to increase sales without more work in 30 days and without paying a dime upfront, then this is your opportunity to have our team do the work.

Fill out this 2 minute application (no obligation)

We'll give you all details and answer questions before you have to make a decision.

Warning: Since this takes my time and money, I can only take a handful of clients each month. The calendar fills quickly so be sure to apply right now. Not everyone will be accepted.

Who Qualifies?

This is for businesses who are already making sales, have good products and a good reputation. Who have a list of customer mailing addresses and email addresses.

This is not for new businesses with zero sales and zero customers.

This is unbelievable, I need more information...

You are in luck, we've put together an info packet.

Click here to request a free report

But remember this is only available when we have space so I suggest you apply a.s.a.p.

You might want to fill out the application first. It's no obligation at all.

After all, this simple system can often double your sales revenue in less than a year.

Looking forward to working with you,

Michael Johnson


YES! You Can Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life…

This is one of the easiest ways to add another revenue stream to your business.

If we are a fit, I'll partner with you on this promo and invest my own money setting it up and funding the expenses for you as we run a simple test campaign to see if it works for your business.

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