How To Create Your Own Info Product Without Having To Write It

At last have a product of your own to sell your clients 24/7 with no work. No learning curves, tech struggles or even creating the product.

Attention: Personal Trainers

  • Your Very Own Product Done For You
  • Everything Rebranded To You
  • Salespage, Thank You Page and Product Hosted by Me

Offer Extra Help to Clients

You can help them even more with a great training book.

Look like a professional with your own books for sale.

Imagine making money 24/7 without any extra work for you

Be an Expert Author

Be unique

Be an instant expert with authority. Have a real business of your own

Start selling 1 to Many vs. 1 to 1

Easiest way ever to have a product of your own

Earn Money 24/7

Stop trading time for dollars - sell your own products.

Get paid while you are not even working - When your sleeping or on vacation.

Writing a book will take you ages. Let us do all the work.

Start Selling
Your Own Product Today!

I will customize a self improvement book with your photo, name and bio.

Rebrand the entire book, write a sales letter and thank you page, add your product to a shopping cart, upload the pages online and connect it all for you.

And you will instantly have a product of your own available for sale to your clients. Something extra that will offer even more help to your clients. Everyone needs help with motivation and learning great habits.

Without having to learn how to do it all yourself. It's done for you.

Look like an expert who has their own books. You wrote the book on it. Instant authority for you.

Demo Example

Your Book

For Sale

in 7 Days

Why Have Your Own Products?

You look like a professional and an authority

In about 7 days we can have it all done, uploaded and ready for you to start selling.

All you have to do is hit the buy button and email me your information and photos you would like in the book. And get a PayPal account so you can start getting paid. This is your book.

We wont ask for a dime of the profits or royalties. Rebranded Book with a new title, your name and photo and your bio inside.

Sales page --> Buy Button --> Thank You Page/Download link If you want to build an email list, we can add an Opt-in Page with a free report gift for subscribers.

As a Bonus: I will host your pages for 1 year for free

There isn't an easier way to launch your own product online! If you look around, Getting a book written, edited and published is not cheap.

Getting sales pages and thank you pages also costs a lot of money. It takes a lot of steps to get a product ready for sale online.

We get rid of all that confusing, time consuming setup and do it for you.


Your probably thinking this is going to cost a fortune?

We keep it simple. With our product creation system, it's all been planned out like clockwork.

So we don't have to charge a lot of money for this Instant Product solution.

Buy today for less than you pay for your daily cup of coffee. $5 * 365 = $1825

But wait you're not going to pay that...

Normal price for a complete business of your own is $997 one time fee.

But Wait... Special "Beta" Price $397
( That's $600 off! )

We haven't officially rolled this out to the public, so you get it for half price right now. The price is going up as soon as we launch this service.

You can be one of the early adopters and get huge savings.

In about 7 days, you will be a product seller with your own offer.


No Risk Guarantee

Order with confidence, we will rebrand the book for you and let you approve it before we add all the webpages.

You will be able to give the go ahead or cancel your purchase at that time.

Once we begin the sales page and upload the product so you can start selling, no refund will be given after we do all that work.

Your Rights To The Book

You have full resell rights to sell this book as your own on your own webpages. This is a well written book but it has been rebranded to your name as the author.  A custom written book would cost a lot of money and time.

You cannot sell others the right to sell the book or place it on Amazon.com as the majority of the book may be in other books already.

Your Own $17 Product in 7-14 days

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