Social Media Marketing Secrets

Social Media Marketing Secrets for the Local Business


This guide is quick and easy to read and put into action.  If you are still wondering the best ways to use Social Media for your business, you'll discover some proven ways to get results without spending hours and hours of your limited time and spending a fortune on ads.

Here are some of the benefits for

using Social Media...

Make it Personal
Let your customers interact painlessly in a low sales way.

Increase communication

Share value content
Tips and tricks
Ask them what they want or need

Collect testimonials

and social proof from your happy customers

Boost brand awareness

Just be present so you look like a real caring business who is there to help.

Become the authority

Show off what you know and how you can help

Learn about your customers

It gives you a way to visit with your customers without being a pushy salesman.  You can ask them questions and get them talking.

Target your market

You can reach your ideal customers where they hang out daily
Join neighborhood groups and pages

Improvement of SEO

Yes, the search engines love social profiles and it makes you look more real to them, so they will move your business up in the search rankings.
Just adding 3 social profiles can move a new site higher fast.

Save your marketing budget

Talking on social media doesn't have to cost a thing except time.

Table of contents...

Social Media Marketing vs. Social Media Advertising
Top 9 Benefits of Social Media Marketing
Make it Personal
Increase communication
Collect testimonials
Boost brand awareness
Become the authority
Learn about your customers
Target your market
Improvement of SEO
Save your marketing budget
What Businesses Should Be Using Social Media Marketing
Choosing a Social Media Site
Determine where your audience is
Determine what type of content you’ll be creating
Matching Your Goals and Audience with a Platform

The Best of the Rest
Social Media Marketing Tips

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