Plenty of Jewelry Stores Are Prevented From Truly Succeeding Today, Often It's Caused By A Cash Flow Problem, We Have Something That Will Remove That Hurdle

"At Last, A NO HURDLES Way To Create Success In Jewelry...

...Including A Powerful Strategy* To MAKE SURE Your New Customers Actually Come Back Again And Again!"

(*If you read on, I'll show you how to use the exact strategy even if you don't want it done for you)

From:  Michael Johnson

Seattle, WA

Monday, 10:37am

Even If You Are Too Busy Running the Business Already, You Can Have The Strategy Set Up And Bringing In More Sales and Profits Within 3 Weeks.

You've seen it before, sometimes the best solutions are also the simplest.

Interesting? First off, I'm going to begin by stating the bleedin' obvious!

You need more profits, right?

I won’t waste any time trying to persuade you here. Let's keep it short, and face it, plenty of people have already explained why profits keep businesses alive. It's why you're even in business, right?

Otherwise, what's the point?

Without growing profits, you've just got a 24/7 Extra stressful J.O.B. that you dread. So, what's REALLY the secret to growing profits?

Cash Flow!

Cash flow solves nearly every business problem out there. It's so important today.

I won’t spend ages preaching however I'll add my personal point of view. Increasing cash flow was the BEST thing I ever did in business. I didn't see the rewards until I started solving the cash flow problem.

If you don't agree with this #1 Rule of Business, you might as well stop here as this is probably not going to be for you.

Read on for something I think is a bit special and from what I've seen UNIQUE! Especially if you're aware of the need for cash flow.

What Stops Most Owners?

There's a big difference between knowing and doing.

You might have very valid reasons why you've not yet solved your cashflow problem...

here are just a few, you might have…

1. Don't have time

2. Don't have enough customers

3. Can't get your ads to work

4. Don't have a customer list with contact info

5. Missing an easy to run strategy

6. Can't afford advertising

With The Right Location, Just Open the Doors and You'll Be Beating Customers Back With A Stick, Right?

OK, so am I saying those are the only hurdles to crack the code?

Increase your cashflow by selling your customers repeatedly and then spend 6 months of the year on the sunny beaches of Hawaii with a tropical drink in your hand, right?

Sounds like a plan!

Don't want to burst the bubble, but as you may already know, it's still going to take your entrepreneurial talents to keep things running smoothly.

Extra Profits = List + Communication

OK, time for the secret.

Honestly, there is absolutely no secret to it.

Pure common sense!

Yes, of course you need to collect your customers information…

BUT the missing part of the secret that 90% of businesses don't do and tend to forget, is once you have that customer database...

It's a goldmine of profits just sitting there. A group (your group) of proven buyers that are going to spend money on the things they want every single month for ever.


It's this communication that creates the real profits in the long term. Every month you don't communicate with your list, you might as well be flushing $100 bills down the toilet. Because instead of spending money with you, they'll be spending it somewhere else.

The Real Head Slapper

They have money. They spend money. They like to buy what they want. You sold them a beautiful piece of jewelry, you warmed them up, you created the desire for more jewelry and then you left them to find more jewelry on their own. You sent them right into the arms of another jewelry store.

They’re probably Googling it right now!

Looking at FB ads for jewelry all day long.

But even that isn't the end of the story!

Getting painful? I will get to some good news in a minute.

It's not as simple as just sending more emails to your list. People are way too distracted today. They see thousands of advertisements everywhere they look. Buried in emails…

People don't even see half the emails you send. The ones that actually get through to the in box are sitting in a huge list that nobody has the time or wants to go through. They hit that delete button on autopilot!

Consider yourself lucky if 1 in a 100 of your emails are opened and read. And if they don't read em', you aren't building the relationship with your customers... or making any sales!

That's the truth about email today. Your own results probably bear this out, so I bet you can relate to how hard it is to get sales from emails. Plus, you need to write all those emails. It takes a really skillful writer to write emails that work today. Really skillful! And you still have the "no opens" problem.

OK, that's the bad news out of the way. Now let me show the alternative to email for cashflow and how I'm going to help you achieve massive growth in your profits. My way.

The Simple Solution

I said I'd let you know the EXACT strategy I use to communicate with customers who ignore all your emails... promised, here is the proven and tested strategy.

Are you ready for this?

The stupid simple method that allows you to get more sales on demand and a blast of cashflow when YOU need it.

1. Segment your customer database - your very best customers are the very best source of cashflow. (Casinos call them whales for a reason)

2. Communicate with them every month - send them special offers, rewards, and newsletters.

3. Not only email! Send real mail, a real sales letter

The Powerful KEY To This Is That Your Follow Up Thanks Them For Being a VIP Customer

There you go, I promised to provide the EXACT strategy for you. You've got the knowledge to go now and put it into practice...

...however, if you read on, I'll show you how to get me to do most of the work for you!

Let Me Take Away All The Hurdles

What you've learned today, is probably the ultimate cashflow and profit building method available for any business…

You could try to teach yourself all the subtle nuances that this communication takes to be effective.

It's simple but not easy.

My offer to you today, is the easiest way to get started communicating with your best customers to get them back in the store over and over. It can 5X your cashflow and profits in no time. And that's not exaggerated at all.

I've seen it happen. Stick with me and I'll try to explain. This is not your usual marketing service that's going to set you back $1,000's just to test it out on your dime.

In fact, give me 21 days and I'll do all the work to bring a cash infusion into your business, you just pay my fee after you collect the revenue. And it's only a small percentage of the new revenue I find for you.

I'm so sure it works; I'm taking all the risk for you. Not forcing you to pay to play like all the rest.

The Risk-Free Promo Engine does all the work for you with no upfront fees.

You get a complete proven follow up marketing system that brings you more sales, profits and more importantly Cash Flow.

Something very special that takes away most of the hurdles that stop your jewelry store from growing as fast as you want.

With the Risk-Free Promo Engine, we will set it all up...

-Plan an offer

-Write the sales letter

-Print the sales letters

-Mail the sales letters

All you do is segment your best customers and email me the list of names and addresses. And of course, take care of your customers when they come into the store.

Don't you think having your best customers back in the store multiple times a year would be an excellent chance to sell more jewelry. Just let your salespeople loose on them. Getting them back in the store is the key.

My proven letters do just that.

If you're not communicating on a regular basis, you're leaving money on the table. I know making this mistake myself cost me at least $500,000 over the last five years. I slap myself and pull my hair out just thinking about it.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Earlier, I claimed that I've created "the ultimate done for you follow up marketing system available today".

I hope after reading exactly what you're getting...

...and how easy it is to have me set it all up for you with no risk to yourself, that you can see there is some justification in that claim…

Introducing the

Risk FREE Promo Engine

I'm not asking you for money upfront or to sign any long-term contracts. I'm inviting you to run one test campaign to see if it works on your customer list.

We partner up on this and I do the work with no upfront fees. We'll know if it works in only a few weeks.

Since this takes my time and I'm basically working for free, I won't work with everybody who asks. And there are a few requirements to have me do this for you.

There is a limit to how many promos I can get done every month, so the calendar is often full.

So, the earlier you apply, the better your chances will be to score your risk-free promo engine.

I'm willing to offer this steal of a marketing deal because it works so well, I know a certain percentage will want to keep running promos with my help in the future.


One done for you promotion to your customer list (only the very best ones)

I do the setup and write the sales letter with no upfront fees…

We send the letters out and see the responses (if you can send an email, it's just as easy to send letters today)

You'll see how easy this system is compared to spending $1,000's on advertising and doing all the standard marketing for lead generation.

It requires...

  • NO Complicated Marketing Campaigns
  • NO SEO
  • NO Endless Email Sequences
  • NO Content Marketing
  • NO Social Media
  • NO Blogging

No chatbots or texting

Nothing complicated or expensive

Just printing and stamps!

Proven direct response old school marketing on steroids.


Before I go, I do just have one more word of warning!

Once you see how much money these promos pull in and how they create a huge jump in cashflow on demand, you'll be hooked and there is no going back.

So, make sure you want a hugely successful jewelry store that's going to take names and get noticed.

It's well worth investing the time to run the Risk-Free Promo Engine on your business.

Cashflow solves all business problems!

It's what holds you back. That's the exact reason Amazon can run at a loss for decades and still be a blockbuster success.

If I can get you extra sales, for every $1 I bring in will you give me a Quarter? In other words, I do all the heavy work and you just give me a share.

Who Am I?

My story:  I'm a serial entrepreneur. 


For over 20 years, I've been building websites and marketing products online while working a 9-5 job.   Studying marketing and applying what I learned to build websites promoting a variety of niche products. 


From weight loss, credit cards to investing and health supplements.  I made  a lot of money doing this but it wasn't millions.  But then...


About 6 years ago, I had the opportunity to run into a true marketing expert named Dan.  He's made millions marketing products online. He offered me a rare chance to actually work and train with him. 

It allowed me to increase my sales and profits enough to go fulltime and quit my 9 to 5 job for ever.

2 years ago, I started my marketing agency and began helping other owners grow their own businesses to higher levels by sharing what I've painfully learned over the past 20+ years.

One of the things I learned was this unique marketing method that works wonders for just about any business out there. 


Something most business owners just don't see. 


Hidden profits just waiting to be pulled out of your business.

Here's How You Can Get Started Now

Take two minutes and fill out this short application (I’ve made it easy on you).

Apply Now at the button below!

Once I get your application, you will get an email or a call within 2 days.

We will schedule a quick 30-minute call and go over all the details and any questions you have.

I take a couple days to figure out the plan for your business.

Get your approval over email.

You'll get me a copy of your list of names and addresses.

I write the sales letter for you.

We'll schedule the start date and then mail the letters out. It really is as simple as that.

Apply Now

Any Questions, just email me. michael@notvanillamedia .com

A Final Quick Word From Michael

This is as close to Win-Win marketing as you can get.

Even your customers win, with special preferred offers just for them.

And the more money I make for you, the more money I will make.

The keys to succeeding with follow up and back-end marketing are:

1. Got to have the right list of happy customers

2. Got to communicate with them regularly

3. Must have compelling sales letters

4. The special offer must be a no-brainer deal

I believe that is exactly what I'm providing here. And I just don't see many others offering it at all.

With this offer I'm giving you a promotion that could be up and running in the next few weeks... ...using the POWERFUL strategy outlined earlier to make sure you get the cashflow you need and want.

Magic? No, there is some work but it's a great shortcut and easier than a lot of what you already do daily. And you'll have my personal help to get it done right the first time not in 6-12 months with trial and error.

Let's get on the cashflow wagon,

Michael Johnson

Owner -

P.S. This offer is one follow up promotion to your very best customers that drives them back into your store. With a special offer just for them. That rewards them for being VIP customers. A new way to inject more cash flow into your business so you have the money needed to solve any personal or business problem.

Setting up the Risk-Free Promo Engine for your business with no upfront fees. If you qualify, I'll do all the work for a small percentage of the extra revenue collected. This takes my personal time, so spaces are limited. Apply Right Now>>> 

Just fill out a 2-minute application to get started. (No obligation)

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